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Shirts, Pants, Jeans, Jackets, Coveralls,

T-Shirts, and more!

Uniform rental and laundering give you peace of mind knowing your employees will have appropriate clothing for any job on the farm, along with the convenience of weekly cleaning and replacements when necessary.


For a weekly fee per employee or per garment we clean and maintain the uniforms, and provide replacements as necessary to keep each employee

looking his best.  

Lots of jobs on the farm. Lots of easy options.

Keep your agricultural facilities clean, and team safe


Select the ideal garments for your farm employees

• Shop towels

• Fender covers

Cattle towels

• Rags

• Wet mops

• Dust mops

• Industrial hand cleaner

• Walk off mats

• Soaps

• Restroom paper towels

• Toilet tissues

• Air fresheners


Get what you need to maintain your farm

Let us take care of the laundry so you can get back to your core business - feeding America. Our local route service reps will service your farm weekly with clean uniforms, fresh towels, and facility services. Our uniform selection includes garments for field workers, equipment operators, maintenance staff, and even office personnel.

You have more important things to worry about.

We're LOCAL. Just like you.

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