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Call us today to start a Century Mat Service Program.


Our Mat Service Offerings Include:

We offer a full line of scraper mats, carpet floor mats, custom logo mats, anti-fatigue and safety-message mats for rent or purchase. Your Route Service Rep will exchange the mat for a clean one each week.

Mats capture soil as people enter your facility, not only keeping your floors clean, but also improving safety, and reducing maintenance costs.

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Scraper Entrance Mats

• Durable, 100% Nitrile rubber

• Molded tread surface cleats effectively scrape tough dirt and grime off shoes, keeping soil below foot level

• Grease Resistant

• Certified “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute

Carpet Floor Mats

• High twist, heat-set solution dyed nylon yarn resists crushing, traps dirt and extends performance life of the mat

• Impervious to bleach, sunlight and repeated washing

• 100% Nitrile rubber backing for increased slip and skid resistance

• Available in 6 colors

Custom Logo Mats

• Digitally printed logo mats reproduce fine detail, fades and 3D images

• 25 standard colors and over 300 accent colors available

• Static dissipative nylon yarn treated with StainStopper™ Technology

• 100% Nitrile rubber backing for increased slip and skid resistance

Anti Fatigue Mats

• 100% Nitrile rubber for superior grease and oil resistance.

• Treated with an anti-microbial agent to guard against degradation from microorganisms, reducing the possibility of mats being the source of odors.

• Anti-static properties allow for use around sensitive electronic equipment.


Kitchen Mats

• Drainage mats have a non-slip surface and are antimicrobial, as well as oil, water and grease-resistant


Safety Mats

• Combine eye-catching clarity and maximum durability to promote safety in your business

• State-of-the-art digitally printed carpet.

• Static dissipative nylon yarn treated with StainStopperTM Technology.

• 100% Nitrile rubber backing for increased slip and skid resistance.

message mat

Message and Marketing Mats

• Greet your customers and promote your business while capturing tracked in dirt and moisture, reducing slip and fall accidents and maintaining your floor.

• Printed carpet using our state-of-the-art digital printer.

• Static dissipative nylon yarn treated with StainStopper™ technology.

• 100% Nitrile rubber backing for increased slip and skid resistance.

To Get Started:

mat service rfid

RFID. The Century Difference.

Our mats are outfitted with Radio Frequency ID technology that we use to ensure your Route Service Rep changes them weekly.

Click here to learn more.

dirty facts nfsi

The National Floor Safety Institute is a nonprofit organization that, through education and research, helps prevent slip-and-fall

accidents. Those products carrying the NFSI certification have been subjected to a rigorous series of tests that include real world