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Standard Items:

  • Flat sheets

  • Fitted sheets

  • Pillowcases

  • Blankets

  • Towels and Washcloths

  • Patient Gowns

  • Scrubs

  • Lab Coats

  • Mops and Microfiber Towels

Our Services:

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Healthcare Linen and Laundry Experts

for over 100 years!


Our Products:

Who We Serve:

Our Clients Include:

medical garments


Cost Containment and Shared Savings




High Quality Products and Accredited Processes



High Tech Plants and Dedicated Service



On-Site Healthcare Laundry Management


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Our Services:

  • Patient Linen and Apparel Rental

  • Medical Apparel Rental

  • Surgical Linen Rental

  • Scrub Programs

  • Uniform Rental

  • Resident Clothing Wash Service

  • Specialty Services

  • Floor Mop and Mat Exchange Service

  • Customer Owned Goods Laundering

  • On-Site Laundry and Linen Management

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Ready to get started? We'll evaluate your needs through an on-site review and provide a free proposal.

We've been at it since 1915! Our Healthcare Linen Service programs are designed and accredited to reduce the risk of infection, improve patient comfort and care, as well as reduce waste and environmental impact. We can help you have a cleaner, greener (environmental and bottom line) healthcare facility. Here's how:

Linen loss costs the healthcare industry an estimated $840 million annually. We work with each of our customers to reduce loss, and share the savings! Ask about our Shared Savings Programs. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!


Our Healthcare Service team works closely with healthcare facility staff to reduce this and other costs, ensuring maximum usage efficiency, and educating users on proper utilization methods. Check out this short video from TRSA to find out how!


All of our contracts are fair, transparent, and include loss charge allowances (yes, really!). We can serve all of your locations - regardless of size. We also partner with many GPOs.

Our items - from gowns to pillowcases and everything in between - are carefully selected to provide the best quality and value possible. We understand that patient satisfaction is key to the success of your organization.


Our dedicated healthcare plant and service center is also HLAC accredited - meaning our processes and procedures are inspected by a third party infection control professional. The HLAC Accreditation Standards ensure that we provide hygienically clean linen - not just once, but every time!

Technology and innovation sets us apart. Century account holders receive 24/7 access to a variety of tools to help you: Review, place, and change orders , View usage reports, Monitor inventory, and more!


With multiple local plants, we have emergency backup on standby. We also use RFID technology in some items to help ensure compliance and hold staff accountable to return items, preventing loss charges.


Your Service Manager acts as the liaison between your facility and the plant to ensure complete orders, quality products and customer satisfaction. In addition, they provide account reviews and assist each customer with daily management of their linen program. You also have access to multiple levels of management, including owners.

Century clients have experienced enhanced service and quality and have reduced costs and FTEs by moving linen and laundry duties and management under the experienced Century Linen & Uniform umbrella. The restructuring of responsibilities provides a continuum of service under an independent management team that oversees the financial, operational and contractual responsibilities of the linen and laundry program. These programs are optional and can be scaled to your specific needs.