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Restaurants that would like to improve food quality and service perception, and charge more per entrée, should strongly consider using cloth table linen, according to a recent study by Milliken & Company, a leading manufacturer of table linen fabrics for the hospitality industry.  


The study found that a majority of U.S. consumers prefer to dine at sit-down restaurants with a cloth napkin. Aside from basic preference, U.S. consumers who said they preferred cloth napkins reported paying 64 percent more on an entrée than those who preferred paper napkins, and that when dining at a table set with cloth napkins, 50 percent expect to pay more money than if they were seated at a table with paper napkins.


The study also found that 77 percent of U.S. consumers notice the way a table is set when visiting a restaurant. Along with noticing the table setting, U.S. consumers highly associate certain aspects of dining at a restaurant with tables set with cloth. • 82 percent associate it with a better restaurant appearance and ambiance • 75 percent with better food quality • 88 percent with better service • 84 percent with being environmentally friendly.


Design your tables with the ideal size and choose from a variety of colors.  Contact us for a no obligation analysis and quote on table linen today!

Create an impression with table linen. Your guests prefer it.

Create the ideal tablescape with beautiful linens


Tablecloth Colors:

• White

• Black

• Ivory

• Burgundy

• Green

• Cadet Blue

• Gold

• Red

• Sandalwood


Napkin Colors:


• Brown

• Gray

• Maize

• Navy

• Pink

• Purple

• Seafoam

• Orange

• Light Blue

Choose from 17 Color Options!

•  52 x 52

•  61 x 61

•  71 x 71

•  85 x 85

•  52 X 114

Sizes for every table:

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classic black and white swatch eco friendly

Clean ... and Green!


• Cloth napkins provide a bacteria blocking barrier for your silverware.

• Table cloths cover tables which would otherwise become bacterially dangerous after just one sitting.



• Did you know? If every American used reusable linen napkins instead of paper, we could save 60 MILLION trees per year!

• That means cleaner air, less waste in landfills, and less energy use and toxic paper production chemicals.