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Our uniform selection of work shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, caps, and more are available in a range of colors and styles to give your team a professional look - without sacrificing comfort or productivity!


We also use RFID technology to track garments and ensure complete deliveries. Check out this technology, which we call ARI.

Establish a professional look for your team

Let us keep your team looking their best!


Choosing the right uniform program

There are many important factors to consider when choosing your Rental, Lease, or Direct Sale program. Some considerations include:


•  Upfront investment required

•  Weekly service charge budget

•  Number of employees

•  Employee turnover

•  Nature of your industry

•  Garment selection options

Rental – We outfit employees in uniforms from our standard inventory, provide weekly cleaning, garment maintenance, and issue replacements as necessary, all for one weekly charge per employee (or per garment).

Lease – Want to stand out from the competition? Your Company can choose unique garments through an affordable weekly lease. We can even still provide weekly cleaning, when needed.

Direct Sale – No cleaning service needed? We offer competitive pricing and an extensive selection through our Direct Sale Programs.

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